current name
Jan Cikker Basic School of Arts
Štefánikovo nábrežie 6, Banská Bystrica
František Eduard Bednárik

Four-storey building of the teachers institute is situated on the bank of the river Hron. It is designed around an L-shaped, two-aisle layout. The concept is straightforward: the classrooms are facing south and east while the hallways were placed on the north and west side. Toilets are located at ends of each hallway. In the centre of the layout where both wings meet, a wide two-flight staircare is located. The main facade is characterized by horizontal strip windows divided by slightly rounded pillars with ceramic tile finish, a feature often favoured by the architect. The main entrance is pulled back from the facade, protected by a canopy, which is supported by a pair of ceramic tile-clad columns. On the axis of the main entry, a large state symbol used to be placed on the attic of the flat roof.

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Source of picture:
Matica slovenská, Martin