current name
Ministry of foreign affairs of the Slovak republic
Hlboká cesta 2, Bratislava
Juraj Tvarožek
Tatra, stav. úč. spol.
1941 – 1943

The former building of the Slovak Grain Growing Company is the last major completed work by Juraj Tvarozek, which he was commissioned to do as a winner of a competition. Triple-wing building had originally four storeys and two basement floors. Except offices, apartments were located on the upper floors. In 1968 the fourth wing has been added with a movie theatre and a kitchen. In 1985, when the building housed headquarters of the Central Committee of the Slovak Communist Party, the fifth floor was added. Overall, however, the building has changed substantially only after adjustments of 1998, when a pseudo-classic tympanum and a massive elliptical canopy was added above the entrance. Thus one of the last remarkable works of the late modernism has lost its original character, even though it no longer sustained the functionalist originality of Tvarozek’s best works.

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Archive of Matúš Dulla