Bradlianska 1, Bratislava
Emil Belluš
Krátky a Murtin

The house stands in a villa district, not far from the cemetery near Kozia brána (the ‘Goat Gate’). Of four storeys, it occupies a raised terrace on a sloping site. In the basement are storage areas, a laundry room with technical facilities, boiler and air-raid shelter. In the ground floor are two individually accessible flats – a large three-room flat and a small studio. On the floor above, the flat has an intriguing layout with mutually intersecting spaces and volumes; part of the dining room is shifted into the oriel with the rooftop terrace reached from the uppermost floor. Adding to the decorative impression is the unusual rounded bay on the truncated corner of the bedroom. The final floor, under a flat roof, was used for storage. The house represents a sense of the final years of interwar Modernism, enriched with the architect’s specific stylistic hand.

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