Hlavatého 2, Bratislava
Emil Belluš

At the time of planning his own family villa, the architect had already gone through an experience of avant-garde functionalism and his work acquired once again more traditional features. Balanced composition of the house with a regular cubic volume and traditionally structured interior space fits this stage as well. The villa was designed by Emil Bellus essentially as a two-family house. The lower level has been occupied by the family of the theatre director J. Jamnicky, Bellus' brother-in-law. Above was the apartment of the Bellus family with a studio. As an architect, Emil Bellus was not specialized in family housing. Much more typical typological segments for his work were residential blocks as well as industrial buildings. In this sense, the family house is a unique example among his designs and it is a testimony to the way he lived and worked.

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Matúš Dulla