Viedenská cesta 24, Bratislava
Emil Belluš

The building of Slovak Rowing Club is one of architect's first buildings in functionalistic spirit and belongs among his most avant-garde works. Functionalism is pronounced here through an open facade of the main section, strip windows, airy terraces, horizontality and a contrasting raised communication core. Two double-storey wings are joined at this core with a staircase. One wing has a concrete skeleton structure, it contains the main space serving as a skiff storage. In the second, smaller wing built on a traditional masonry, a clubhouse was located, along with motorboat facilities. Originally, Slovak Rowing Club was a light seasonal building with wide glazed spaces and seating terraces. As part of the renovation (led by architects Juraj Fecanin, Henrich Kupec, Stefan Polakovic), the building was provided with an improved insulation and enriched with a restaurant.

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Source of picture:
Department of Architecture Archive, ÚSTARCH SAV