Hotel Veľká Fatra
Kuneradská cesta 54/22, Rajecké Teplice
Jaroslav Bernkopf-Stockar

Commissioned by the National Bank in Prague, hotel Velka Fatra has been erected at the centre of the spa resort. The building has a simple T-shaped floor plan. At the ground floor of the front wing there is a cafe and a restaurant with large windows and a terrace. The entrance and the main staircase is located at the place where the two wings meet. Two-storey wing with lodging quarters has a simple two-aisle layout. The architectural project was completed by Jaroslav B. Stockar in Prague in 1935. His architecture has pure functionalist lines and a unique stringency about it which has been displayed also in architect's buildings in Sliac. In the 1990's hotel was substantially renovated, units were equipped with bathrooms. External appearance however remained generally unchanged.

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Source of picture:
Považské múzeum, Žilina