Bartoňova 2, Bratislava
Emil Brüll

The villa stands on a steep slope in a coherent grouping of single-family houses from the first half of the 20th century. Its firm outline is founded on three basic volumes: two half-cylinders of differing height and a rectangle, but rising from a symmetrical floor plan. The longer side of the villa adjoins the street, at the height of the upper floor; the entrance to the house is hidden in the ground floor below the level of the street. Leading into the garden is a natural staircase that copies the outline of the higher semi-cylinder. In the ground floor is a large kitchen with service facilities, the technical equipment, and one room; in the two upper floors are residential areas, including the half-rounded staircase hall, the glass corner bay and the rooftop terrace.

DULLA, Matúš – MORAVČÍKOVÁ, Henrieta: Architektúra Slovenska v 20. storočí. Bratislava, Slovart 2002. 512 p., p. 378.

Matúš Dulla