current name
Elementary school of Dr. Jozef Dérer
M. R. Štefánika 5, 7, Malacky
Juraj Chorvát

This elementary school is the best example of functionalist architecture in town. It is generously set on a U-shape layout, with an elevated corner section and a constructivist portico highlighting the main entrance to the building. The two-wing layout has the classrooms oriented towards the park, with corridors on the courtyard side. Common staircase is situated at the centre of this two-storey compact structure. A mansion for the school director with two additional teacher apartment units is located nearby within the school property. Both buildings are work of the then-young architect Juraj Chorvat, who managed to establish himself through these designs as an apt modern architect. Currently the building serves as an elementary school.

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Henrieta Moravčíková