Školská 35, Nemecká
Peter Csellágh, Juraj Lupták
1969 – 1970
1970 – 1972

The school in Nemecka, dedicated to the memory of young heroes of the Slovak National Uprising, was built according to the plans by young graduates of architecture Peter Csellagh and Juraj Luptak in a terse, brutalistic spirit. In the forefront above the entrance is a memorial hall of young partisans, its facade has a bare concrete finish and harsh symbolic combat motifs (sculptor Ladislav Snopek). Even the compact and laconic composition of the structure speaks of the contact the architects had with the late-modern architectural front. In this school they tested a square classroom concept with shed skylight which improves the quality of natural lighting. Each of the thirteen primary classrooms has its own atrium, used during breaks. The location of the school at a slope translated itself into an amphitheatre-like arrangement of the central hall. A wing with a dining room and a gym operationally represents a separate section of the otherwise compact complex. The school serves five minor municipalities in all. Architecturally, it is an extraordinary achievement and the authors of the project received Dusan Jurkovic Prize and the first prize in the Exhibition of Architectural Works of 1972.

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Matúš Dulla
Ground plan:
Projekt, 1972