architects of the
restoration and 
extension (Omnia II)

Dunajská 4 – 6, Bratislava
Martin Kusý, Jozef Fabianek

Jozef Lacko, Branislav Somora

1975 – 1977

The paired administrative buildings Omnia I and II are characterised by marked horizontal lines of windows, and bands of stone tiling in the areas between fenestration – this latter feature being an addition from the second stage of construction, replacing the original light metal curtain wall. The first building and its later addition both have individual structural sections set back on pilings. On the roof is a large digital screen with a clock and thermometer. Omnia is regarded as one of the most successful additions to the streetscape from the decade of the 1970s. In 1984, a study was completed for a third building, which was never realised.

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František Hauskrecht