Sama Chalupku 7, Levice
Márius Žitňanský
1983 – 1985

Belonging to the Church of the Brethren, this unassuming ecclesiastical work stands in a district of single-family houses not far from the town centre: one member of the congregation provided his own house to serve as the basis for construction of this small modest church (visible as the mass to the right of the entrance). The officials at the time did not allow the construction of a bell-tower or even an elevated cupola; nonetheless, the church displays a high architectural consistency, dealing with the question of the limited material framework with several skylights (e.g. above the altar in the main hall). In this way, the architect achieved a concentrated innerness, in keeping with the orientation of this Protestant denomination. The simple interior design (stone flagging, white plaster, accessories of soft wood) adds to the effect of this modest work.

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Rajmund Müller