Grösslingova 6, Bratislava
Fridrich Weinwurm, Ignác Vécsei
Josef Erdély

Once a life insurance company, this office and residential building is integrated within a continuous block of Grösslingova Street. Three wings with three storeys each are placed atop a two-storey compact block. The ground floor and the mezzanine above represent a constrict floor plan arrangement, connected with a central triple-flight staircase. Originally, this part served as the office spaces. The three storeys above were designed in a U-shape, opening towards the street. These are housing the apartments, accessed through a pair of staircases at the rear of the building. The structure has a flat roof, with significantly protruding flat cornice at the top. Lower two storeys with generous horizontal window openings are clad in calc-tufa (travertine). Simple conventional windows of the residential part are joined in pairs and triplets. The building belongs amongst the earliest puristic examples in Slovakia. It is characteristic for its lack of decoration and straightforward functionality, hand-in-hand with a classic grace and artistic poetry akin to works of A. Loos. 

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Matúš Dulla
Ground plan:
Department of Architecture Archive, ÚSTARCH SAV