project, realization
Sasinkova 7, Malacky
Herman K. Stark
1930 – 1931

At the core of the ‘Sokol’ hall is the central space of the gymnastics room, covered with a shed roof reaching over two floors and supported by wooden retaining beams. The space in the hall was originally intended for theatre productions as well as sports. On two sides, ground-floor masses for the locker rooms and other service areas are attached; this arrangement forms the stepped outline of the building, which culminates in the main facade with the large glass area of the main room. This gradation of volumes reinforced by vertical areas of glass gives the building a Constructivist character. Though the Sokol gymnastics organisation no longer owns the building, it still serves its original purpose. 

Sokolovňa v Malackách. Slovenský staviteľ 2, 1932, p. 149 – 151.
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Source of picture:
Slovenaký staviteľ, 1932