Hronská 12, Košice
Ján Šprlák-Uličný
J. Maliňák

The movie theatre Druzba is part of a commercial and civic centre within a residential district of Lunik II. The district was created between 1962 – 1972 on the project by Eugen Kramar and Jan Sprlak-Ulicny as one of the centres of the then forming 'Terasa' residential complex. Soft circular shape of the movie theatre with a vertical grid complements straight horizontal lines of the centre. The screening interior is nearly circular, housing the largest panoramic projection screen in Kosice. The entrance and foyer is one-storey high, with traffic connection to the adjacent shopping centre. The theather underwent a renovation between 2002 and 2004, resulting in today's capacity of 542 spectators. 

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