Cintulova 5, Ormisova 4 – 6, Račianska 135 – 137 – 139 – 141 – 143, Bratislava
Julius Ernst Sporzon
Pittel & Brausewetter
1940 – 1941
1941 – 1942

The Dynamit Nobel corporation built not far from its Bratislava factory several groups of company residences. Among the best examples is the series of duplex houses intended for managers. Ranked in setbacks behind each other, running parallel to the road, the houses all stand among large gardens, and have a symmetrical two-part composition. Each section contains either a two-storey flat, or occasionally two flats above the other. The aesthetic vocabulary and the arrangement of masses corresponds almost exactly with the architect’s work in Nazi Germany for company housing near Cologne and Hamburg.

DULLA, Matúš – MORAVČÍKOVÁ, Henrieta: Architektúra Slovenska v 20. storočí. Bratislava, Slovart 2002. 512 p., p. 170, 403.

Elena Alexy
Source of picture:
Department of Architecture Archive, ÚSTARCH SAV