Národná 10, Banská Bystrica
Ladislav Skřivánek
1930 – 1932

This large two-storey building is a typical example of architect's late works, which was marked by the celebration of the Czech Renaissance as a national style. The frontage is covered with neo-renaissance sgraffito with an embossed ground level. The main entrance to the building is located at a rounded corner. It is triaxial, the entry doors are lined with a pair of stone pilasters running through the entire height of the building. Two niches were placed here symmetrically, with female sculptures inside. The main facade is enclosed with a high solid attic with battlements. Massive, finely decorated building reminds of the cultivated Florentine Renaissance buildings. In the context of the time of its formation it represents a unique artistic view, which, although very impressive, was outside the architectural mainstream. 

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Matúš Dulla 
Ground plan:
Department of Architecture Archive, ÚSTARCH SAV