authors of the renovation
investor of the original building
project, realization
Pribinova 24, Bratislava
Karel Skorkovský
A1 ReSpect – Miroslav Vrábel, Marek Varga, Branislav Kaliský, Martin Maršala
construction company Dr. Ing. Karel Skorkovský
1921 – 1922
2006 – 2007

The storage warehouse No. 7 belongs among the very best of Bratislava's modern industrial architecture. It is a rare fruit of construction industry between the two world wars. This monumental reinforced concrete building was built in 1921 to the designs of Karel Skorkovsky. As far as the reinforced concrete construction was concerned, the firm of the civil engineer Skorkovsky was one of the most coveted in ex Czechoslovakia. Renovation of the Warehouse No. 7 acknowledges the building as a subject of cultural and technical heritage. All of the original door hardware on the facade facing the river has been preserved, therefore it was sufficient to seal it and paint it. Missing gates were replaced with faithful copies of the originals. Complete with added new glass railings, in an open position they presently serve as balconies. A difficult part of the landscaping and grading adjustments which necessarily impacted the building was the new dike as part of complex anti-flood measures. This resulted in relocating the main entrance to the second floor. Adjustments to a new function required new interior partitions. The concept of the interiors encompassed columns with uniquely shaped capitals, which can be admired today almost in their original scale.

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