ul. Medzierka, Bratislava
Ilja Skoček, Marta Skočková
Ilja Skoček, Marta Skočková
1973 – 1980

Family residence of 'late-modern' architects Skocek and Skockova was the first in a fundamental series of three of their own houses in Bratislava. This brick house of husband and wife Skocek became a benchmark for houses of architects Milucky and Matusik, which are located nearby. Together they created a consistent line of autonomous solitaires typical for the late-modern expression of prominent Slovak architects of the period. Free-flowing space of the house is emphasized by sinuous organic line in the floor plan of this otherwise strictly ascetic building on the exterior (the influence of Scandinavian modernism). Ilja Skocek Junior followed this line of complementary floor plan simplicity in his addition on top of the house which was completed in 2006. 

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