Sasinkova 2, Bratislava
Klement Šilinger
1926 – 1927

The building is probably the best example of rondocubism in Slovakia, while at the same time it shows a shift towards constructivist-functionalist modelling of the structure. It is located at a corner, with a semi-cylindrical shape of the main entrance. A monumental three-flight staircase has been placed inside next to the main entrance. Compact base volume of the building is segmented with semi-cylindrical pilasters and cornices, undulated at the top floor. Two glazed semi-cylinders of autopsy rooms and a large lecture room project into Sasinkova Street. Their projection as well as their architectural design hint the mentioned concept stemming from the primary structure and function. In the floor plan, the building has three-wings. The hallway is oriented toward the street along the rear facade. It received another addition in 1950's, an extension of the Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University designed by architects Jozef Lacko and Milan Skorupa. 

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Source of picture: Department of Architecture Archive, ÚSTARCH SAV