Legionárska 1, Bratislava
Klement Šilinger

This massive block with interior courtyard fills the entire space between Legionárská and Šancova ulica. It consists of four wings, three facing the street and one into the courtyard; the individual flats are reached from a small inner court with four staircases, itself linked to the street through a passageway in the ground floor. The spatial limitations imposed by the site are also reflected in the restrained dimensions of the shared non-residential spaces. The layout of the 1- to 3-room flats, each with kitchenette, WC, bath and vestibule, is noticeably more sensible than the overall arrangement of spaces within the building’s interior. The facades are decorated with flat framing; the portal above the passageway takes the form of a stepped frame, and the main volume of the facades is also outlined with raised flat surrounds. The corner loggias are adorned by circular target-shapes; the balcony railings are articulated by Cubist-Constructivist ornament.

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Dušan Firák