Krčméryho 15, Bratislava
1934 – 1935

A Bratislava master builder of Czech origin, Ružička (whose first name remains unknown) built his private residence in a garden suburb that was then being developed with small middle-class villas. This cultivated white structure, with all the traits of fully developed Functionalist architecture, far exceeds the prevailing standard of the locality. Two storeys of rectangular outline contain two separate flats with all daily operations cleverly planned. The mass of the ground floor is slightly shifted with respect to the upper storey. Compositionally, the facade is based on the functions of the interior: the windows are not only of different shapes and sizes, but also open in a variety of directions. One intriguing part is the massive trapezoid on the flat roof, intended to correct the lower mass of the house with respect to its surroundings.

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