project and realization
Hurbanovo námestie 8, Bratislava 
Desider Quastler

Four-storey functionalist house is situated on a very narrow lot within a coherent street block of pseudo-historical buildings. Over the street level glass facade, there are alternating strips of windows and plain 'opaxit' glass tiles. A prominent semi-circular segment of a stairwell is protruding from the rear facade, adjoining a bit more extended plan of the adjacent building. The house has an open layout covered with a flat roof. The load bearing structure is a combination of brick masonry and reinforced concrete. On the ground floor there used to be a candy store called Orion. The building represents a confident functionalist construction outlook in a pseudo-historic environment. For the first time in Slovakia, a glass cladding of the facade has been utilized. Glass was originally a deep green colour. 

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Source of pictures:
Forum 1932