Záhradnícka 3, Komárno
Henhard Petrovský (?)
about 1936

It was not possible to ascertain the original purpose, the owner and the designer of this impressive building. It currently serves as an eye medical centre and it is fairly dilapidated. It is even possible although unlikely that it was designed by the builder H. Petrovsky himself. It is likely that originally it served for medical purposes, although several medical clinics designed by A. Szalatnai were built in Komarno in the thirties. The ground level of this compact building is clad with vitrified brick tile, with  three more floors overhead. The arrangement of different shaped large windows as well as a series of specific details clearly shows the functionalist approach. The building was created probably in the second half of the thirties and it is an outstanding work with qualities reaching far beyond its region.

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