Škultétyho 9, 11, 13 a Kuzmányho 41, 43, 45, Martin
Dušan Jurkovič, Jan Pacl, or as an official project of the military high command 
Mann, Morávek
1924 – 1925
1925 – 1927

The land for the construction of these two apartment blocks was donated to the army by the town of Martin. Construction work was subjected to the strict requirements of military building policy, with the buildings’ endurance and firmness underscored by the use of exposed brick, giving them the appearance characteristic of the early Modern style. Mutually parallel, the three-storey blocks have a shared inner courtyard. The spatial development of their flat facades is formed by three bays with staircases and deeply inset loggias; protruding from the bays are the bodies of the entrance vestibules with half-arched roofs. 

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Matúš Dulla