Heydukova 18, 16 a Mariánska 8, Bratislava
Josef Nowotný

Also known by its German name ‘Marienhof’, the block consists of four residential wings with one ground-floor commercial wing on a quarter-circular plan. Facing the streets are two residential sections, of almost identical appearance, though one has three floors and the other four. Both of these masses have a symmetrical facade and layout concept; attached perpendicular to them are two five-storey courtyard wings with the raised tower-like mass of the corner staircase. The austere stucco facades are covered with a simple grid of four-part windows in narrow frames. The rounded corner wing contained several small shops with glass facades in between dividing pillars of brick. In the block, the Bauhaus-trained photographer Irena Blühová had her studio. This Purist residential work is among the best achievements of J. Nowotný. 

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Source of picture:
UBS  Desaťročie výtvarnej práce Umeleckej besedy slovenskej 1922 – 1932