project, realization
Hviezdoslavova 7, Košice
Pavol Merjavý
Gabriela Pavčiaková, Jozef Kurimský
Town council of Košice
Pozemné stavby, n. p., Košice
1971 – 1982

Standing in the old centre of Košice, the hall for civil marriage ceremonies is designed as an addition to the older building housing the town council. Its chief element is the massive mansard roof, which adapts the modern structure to its adjoining structure. The architect designed the hall as a single direction, functionally connecting the older wedding hall to the new one. The addition has a square outline, with the space of the actual hall composed diagonally; the compositional axis of the hall is underscored by the emphasised band of ceiling lights, leading to the front wall and the ceremonial table. The hall, situated in the roof space, has no windows, and is widened optically by a series of wall mirrors. The surfaces of the walls and the floor of the vestibule in front of the hall or the communication corridors are of natural materials – stone and wood. Several interesting artworks are an integral part of the interiors. 

MERJAVÝ, Pavol: Sobášna sieň v Košiciach. Projekt 22, 1980, 6, p. 47.