Dolné Kočkovce – Ladce – Tunežice
Jindřich Merganc, Václav Houdek
A. Smrček, Ing. E. Bazika
1928 – 1929 (1931 – 1934)
1932 – 1935

Construction of a hydroelectric station on the river Váh represented one of the greatest public-works projects of interwar Czechoslovakia, as well as one of the first instances in which an architect was invited to collaborate in a predominantly technical work. It is likely that the influence of Merganc has made the power station the intriguing work of architecture that it is, particularly the Constructivist towers of the two fascines, as well as the building of the generator and the adjoining distribution block in Ladce. In its simplicity and strict functional determination, the architectural design is, despite its utilitarian purpose, a uniquely poetic technical work. The channel-based hydroelectric system uses two Kaplan turbines and requires around four minutes for closure. As one of the oldest power stations on the Váh, it is now a registered technical heritage site.

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Source of pictures: 
Department of Architecture Archive, ÚSTARCH SAV