Winterova 66, Piešťany
Jindřich Merganc, Otmar Klimeš
Pittel & Brausewetter
dr. Brežný
1928 – 1929
1929 – 1930

The Palace Sanatorium of Dr. Brežný was at the time of completion an exceptionally advanced medical facility, whether through the primary balneology operations in the basement, the number of specialised consulting rooms and operating theatres, or the new technical possibilities, such as the system of lifts and dumbwaiters for transporting food and bed linens. The wide range of services was reflected in the building’s general massing, running deep into the plot behind a relatively narrow street facade. The architects based the internal organisation around a spatially generous frame structure, allowing for the economical positioning of patients’ rooms and medical services, as well as social areas. The facade of the sanatorium, despite its symmetrical composition, indicates a shift in Merganc’s orientation towards a Constructivist-Functionalist aesthetic. 

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Matúš Dulla