present use
general project manager
Hotel Baník
Kúpeľná 2, Bojnice
Ivan Matušík
Pavol Čížek
Banské projekty a ŠPÚ obchodu, Bratislava
GR Rudné a magnezitové závody
Priemstav Prievidza
1967 – 1968
1970 – 1975

One of the great works by Ivan Matušík, demonstrating his focus on the integration of conceptual and formal clarity with geometrical ornament. Its circular form recalls a later work, the ‘Slimák’ (Slug) shopping centre in Bratislava. Built for physical rehabilitation and treatment of miners from the nearby district of Prievidza, it contains entrance spaces in the plinth, along with a dining room and water-cure operations reached from the main hall and the corridor around the central circular atrium. On the next four floors are double rooms for 200 patients. This section has an outline of a semi-circle, only occupying two-thirds of the plan. Again, there is an inside corridor with glass facing into the atrium, with the rooms turned outwards from it. The exterior effect of the building is created by the plinth covered with dark ceramic tiles, and the concave prefabricated concrete elements in the railings of the individual rooms. Intentionally, the height is restricted, not to overwhelm the romantic chateau nearby. 

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Alexander Jiroušek
Ground plan:
Department of Architecture Archive, ÚSTARCH SAV