project manager
Šancová 112, Bratislava
Ivan Matušík
Pavel Čížek
ŠPÚO OZ Bratislava
Riaditeľstvo výstavby hl. m. SSR
Hydrostav n.p., Bratislava
1975 – 1977
1978 – 1983

After World War II, the old Bratislava city market hall lost its original function – for many years serving as the studios of Slovak Television. As a result, the decision was made to build a new hall, which the architect conceived on the edge of the city centre as a ‘container’ in the spirit of the machine aesthetic. Its structure is a solid ferroconcrete skeleton, inside of which are inserted two blocks of sales and service areas, on both the ground and upper floors. Entrance staircases are located at both ends of the building. The exterior cladding, also of technological appearance, is a glass curtain wall. In the cellar was a large supermarket; the main areas are reserved for individual stands for vegetables, fruit, and all sorts of other items. 

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Rajmund Müller