present use
Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic
Dobrovičova 12, Bratislava
Eugen Kramár, Štefan Lukačovič

This extensive administrative block bears the characteristic signs of late postwar Modernism, and completes the section of the block completed along Dostojevského rad by the apartment building designed by the same authors (1949 – 1952). Functionally, the interior of this nine-storey office building is arranged in a tripartite fashion (offices – corridor – offices) within two separate wings. The communication system of the building develops outwards from the lower hall with gallery, which contains a still functioning ‘paternoster’ lift, perhaps the last one operating in Bratislava. On each individual floor, the hall space is repeated as a kind of ‘respirium’. As for the exterior appearance, it is marked by the horizontal lines of the window openings arranged densely beside each other, and the ochre ceramic tiling.

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Matúš Dulla