construction supervision
project and realization
Pluhová 73, 77, Janoškova 2, 6, Bratislava
Eugen Kramár, Štefan Lukačovič
Ľudovít Olárek
Ing. Vladimír Pobjecký
Československá pošta
1946 – 1949

Close to the ‘People’s District’ (Ľudová štvrt’) in the city district Bratislava – Nové Mesto, shortly after the end of World War II the Czechoslovak Postal Service constructed a technical and administrative office block, along with storage areas and employee flats. The latter part is a complex of low two-storey blocks in two forms – two rectangular buildings with two staircases and two smaller ones with only one staircase. Inside, the buildings offer 4 studios, flats of two or three rooms, and two 5-room ‘managerial’ flats (at a later date split up into separate smaller apartments). The blocks are situated along the edge of a single area of land, creating a semi-public space between them. Structurally, they are formed by a poured-concrete skeleton and brick infill. The layout of the flats is highly efficient and rational, with each flat assigned its own balcony and storage areas (wardrobe and chamber); the build quality was also exceptional, with several windows still retaining their original wooden sun-shades. In total, the complex creates a highly pleasant domestic environment.