Ministry of Transportation, Post and Telecommunications  
Námestie slobody 6, Bratislava
Eugen Kramár, Štefan Lukačovič
fa Hlavaj – Palkovič – Uličný
1946 – 1951

Even though the competition for a building of the central postal administration took place in the mid-1940s, construction was only completed in 1951. The result is a simple administrative building with highly refined proportions, consisting of three masses composed together on a slightly sloping site. The chief component is the slab-like main administrative section; the continually repeated articulation of the window openings gives it its marked character. In a setting of originally small-scale construction, the building intentionally brought a major public scale to the area, which was gradually realised with the addition of more large public institutions in the vicinity. During the 1950s, a paradoxical attempt was made to add a monumental row of historicist columns to the building’s front.

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Matúš Dulla
Ground plan:
Projekt, 1991