Špitálska 42, Bratislava
František Krupka

This building with signs of cubism in its architectural elements, well known by its two lion sculptures by the entrance by a Czech sculptor Augustin Paukert, was designed by a Czech-heritage architect Frantisek Krupka. From his studies at professor Ohmann's in Vienna he brought an ability to design a contemporary work based on baroque principles.The ability which came to a full fruition in the example of this police headquarters. This extensive piece of work is rooted in a classical symmetry composition, with links to monarchist viennese tradition. Similar to a student residence in the same block, the architect focused on plasticity of architectural elements (the ledge, the attic, etc.), with a remote resemblance to rondocubist inspirations. The result is a solid conservative architecture, attracting however fairly little attention in the innovative 20th century. 

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Source of picture:
10 rokov na Slovensku. Pamätnica bratislavského odboru Spolku čsl. inžinierov 1919 – 1929