Thurzova 16, Martin
František Krupka
1926 – 1936

As an institution of the new Czechoslovak state, the institute was founded in 1923 and its headquarters completed piecemeal: the first completed section was the front administrative building, then the rear wings on its right and left. The institute was used for holding courses and apprenticeship training in skilled crafts, as well as administration. Later, it was used as offices for the Martin machinery works. The building is conceived on a symmetrical two-wing floor plan, laid out in three sections, and has two floors. The facade, 120 m long, has at its axial point a five-axial bay with arcades and high channelled pilasters; the entrance to the building is within the central axis. The other facades of the building are smooth, with unostentatious window surrounds. Inside the building is a model of the original plan of building an entire complex. 

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Source of pictures:
Matica slovenská, Martin, repro: A. Jančiová