Ulica 29. augusta 10, Bratislava
František Krupka

The design for this dormitory was prepared by Krupka from his winning competition entry. While the courtyard facade of this extensive building is safely anchored in the principles of Historicism, its street front is most likely Krupka’s most impressive contribution to Slovakia’s Cubist architecture. Despite the architect’s training in Viennese traditionalism, he succeeded in transferring the geometric ornament of architectural Cubism into the spatial dynamics of the facade. The entire facade surface is broken into prismatic segments, where in the protruding corners the window openings are inserted – whether to give more light into the north-facing rooms, or to reflect the Cubist ideas of the age. 

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Source of picture:
10 rokov na Slovensku. 1919 – 1929 SIA, Pamätnica bratislavského odboru SIA