Masarykova 1, Michalovce
Petr Kropáček
1928 – 1931

The grammar school carrying name of a Slovak poet Pavol Horov is an exceptional building, perhaps the best functionalist piece in town. Designed by architect Kropacek, the first plans were completed by 1924. The construction commenced in 1928 and the secondary school opened in October 1931. Relics of the “Czechoslovak” style meet here with the functionalist approach which however is clearly predominant. Two-wing layout is composed around wide hallways with dressing areas. The building has stepping-down chemistry and physics classrooms (with stepping-down facade windows) and a low-ceiling gym at the remote end. Corridors with narrow strip windows lead to a courtyard which is separated from a busy street by a well-groomed small park with a variety of wood species. A bust of Pavol Horov by Arpad Racko is located in front of the main entrance. Adjacent to the grammar school, a mansion has been built originally as the school director residence, currently housing a language school.

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Source of picture:
Zemplínske múzeum, Michalovce