Kuzmányho 6, Košice
Petr Kropáček

The so-called “jubilee school” was built as an addition to an older school complex which consisted of traditional buildings of the boy’s secondary school (sharing a gymnasium with the new addition) and girl’s reformed secondary grammar school. Peter Kropacek adopted the architecture of the original buildings in his brick masonry main entrance to the school. Formerly a cubist, the Prague architect moved in this instance closer to the modern abstraction. He designed the school in a concept close to the architecture typical of the late 1920’s: the relatively massive volume is divided with expressive horizontal stripes arund the window openings and above the main entrance to the building. The artistic treatment of the facade culminates in the elevated shape of the main entry. The building used to have a flat roof with cork insulation and bitumenous top finish. 

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Source of pictures:
Východoslovenské múzeum, Košice