project, realization
Čulenova 7, Bratislava
Dušan Jurkovič
Západoslovenské elektrárne
(1939) – 1941 – 1942

The West Slovakia Power Company was one of Bratislava’s largest firms, located in the oldest industrial district of the city. Its architectural history is linked to the personality of Dušan Jurkovič, who was employed by the firm, creating most of his designs in the late 1930s. In the electric plant, the most visible (and probably oldest) section of the generating station is the cubic-shaped boiler room, with a facade of facing brick and rectangular tabular windows. Somewhat later, in 1941, the rectangular second turbine hall was added, extended in 1950 further to the north to include the service building, compressor station and overflow pumps. The boiler room and turbine hall, however, remain an important developmental link in industrial building in Bratislava; since 2008 they are a registered national landmark. 

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Source of picture:
Katarína Haberlandová