project, realization
Konventná 17, Bratislava
Josef Konrad
G. Blumenthálová, R. Barabásová, J. Barabás
Franz Weisz

Compared to the previously cited work by the same author, this Bratislava apartment block, dating from 1930, is surprisingly purist. Formally, it is highly simple, with only a slight bend in the western facade. All that enlivens the elementary simplicity is the cylindrical volume of the staircase in the courtyard section and the loggia in the garden facade, a feature that from this point on appeared regularly in Konrad’s designs. In each floor was one three-room and one four-room flat; the rooftop penthouse contains a flat with atelier; the parterre contained two shops and one flat of three rooms. The building bears all of the features of mature Purist architecture.

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Source of pictures:
Forum 1931