Gajova 9, Bratislava
Josef Konrad
Magnezitový priemysel, u. s.
Josef Erdély, Bratislava

The culmination of Konrad’s work in residential architecture, the eight-storey building is dominated by the central entryway in the axis of the front bay protruding from the otherwise flat facade for the entire height. The light-green ceramic tiles that cover the bay were also used for the subtle window framing and the cladding of the parterre. The entrance portal is of pale-coloured sandstone. Protruding from the facade are balconies with glass railings. Inside, the flats have arrangements of two, three and four rooms, completely furnished, as well as several one- and two-room ‘bachelor flats’. The design of the entry vestibule is unusually generous: walls covered in greenish-white Italian marble, a broad entrance staircase. Each stairway has its own rubbish chute.

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Source of pictures:
Archive of the City of Bratislava