current name
realized in stages
Office of the Chancellor Slovak University of Technology
Vazovova 3 – 5, Bratislava
Jiří Grossmann, Alois Balán
Palkovič, Hlavaj, Uličný
1928 – 1937
1928 – 1929, 1929 – 1933, 1933 – 1937

The School of Applied Arts was founded in Bratislava in 1928, inspired by Bauhaus in Germany. It has been formed as an integral part of the Vocational Continued Education School and has gradually grown into a prominent avant-garde arts school. Its aim was technical and artistic advancement of the local industrial trade. Architects Jiri Grossmann and Alois Balan designed for the school an extensive multi-wing facility. The layout is designed around a building core with the main entrance, completed as phase one. It is symmetrical along the main entrance axis and divided into two sectors. The rest of the wings added later are also two-aisle ones with long hallways. Washrooms and staircases are located at the junction of building wings. Central part of the building is three-storey high, the rest has just two storeys. Poured concrete structure is complemented with brick wall infills and has a flat roof. The outside of the building reflected the setup inside: it is straightforward and almost sombre, with wide industrial-type window openings.

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Source of picture:
The Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava
Ground plan:
Department of Architecture Archive, ÚSTARCH SAV