Uhrova 4, Bratislava
Alois Balán, Jiří Grossmann
František Kadeřávek

Director Korol Jaron villa with its unmistakable shape of the steep pitched roof was built on the southern slope of the garden part of town where – at the time – no urban development had been defined yet. The architects recognized the impact their new building may have in the given fresh environment and they designed it expecting it will become a template for the future development. A multifaceted floor plan was structured on a clever and pragmatic array of rooms responding to the solar exposure. Each of the three residential floors are open to the surrounding nature. On the ground floor, there is a winter garden, terraces on the upper floors. In contrast to the openness of the building to the south and east was an enormous pitched roof shielding against the elements on the north side. In Slovak environment, the villa represents a unique example of expressive functionalist aesthetics. Later, however, the beveled northern side of the house has been filled in, granting the building a conventional character.

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Source of picture:
Slovenský staviteľ, 1932