Popradské Pleso, Vysoké Tatry
Ladislav Bauer
Ferdinand Čapka
1954 – 1956
1957 – 1960

The architects managed in this building to draw on the small scale of a traditional vernacular mountain structures by dividing the high pitched shingle roof with series of dormers. The main entry gable over the corner of an L-shape layout sports a radiant ornament inspired by a traditional art of the folk architecture. The ground floor has an entrance lobby, a hall, a restaurant with 200 seats and a terrace. Lodging floors consist of 33 three to six bed units with total capacity of 130 guests. Sanitary facilities for guests are shared at each floor. This chalet – or a mountain hotel is an exceptional example of harmonious alpine environment integration in the unique Slovak conditions.

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Source of picture:
Slovak Architects Society Archive