current name
Stredoslovenské energetické závody š.p., RZ Banská Bystrica
Františka Švantnera 9, Banská Bystrica
František Eduard Bednárik (1st stage), Vitalij Zraževský
Štefan Paulík
1938 (1st stage), 1941 (2nd stage)
1939 – 1941

The power plant facility consists of three components: the main building, a residential section and an administrative addition that came later. The main building is a compact, five-storey high reinforced concrete structure with a triple-aisle layout. The structural skeleton allowed for a lighter, glazed ground level as well as for a typical rounded corners. The interior layout is fairly standard, with a spacious hall on the ground floor and general offices connected through a bright common hallway. Continuous vertical glazing of the side facade granted a unique character to the outer looks of the building. The residential building with one to three-room apartments is four-storey high, partly sunk in the grade. Expanded facility with a careful shaping of individual structural components is a typical representative of late modernism.

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Matúš Dulla