Suchovská 3, Trnava
Emil Belluš

Fully automated mill with a silo in Trnava was commissioned with the architect by the same cooperative headquarters for which he had designed the coop houses in Bratislava (abbreviation NUPOD stands for Purchasing Central of Food Cooperatives). The industrial character of the building and its full departure from tradition permitted architectural innovation more than in urban public works. The mill consists of a straightforward layout of invert basic volumes: eight cylindrical silos, the mill itself with long raster of windows in a row and the superstructure bridging over the gap between them, which at the same time is connected with a water tank and a stoker, forming the highest point of the structure. The arrangement is substantially shaped by two sloping surfaces. One is at the stoker - it contains the tilted filling funnel itself. The second inclined surface is overlapping a stairwell. In both cases, the sloping surfaces are a direct projection of the internal workings. A stand-alone flour storage has an open layout with strip windows continuously running around its perimeter. Thanks to its perfect composition, the mill was often published in different volumes of modern architecture publications.

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Source of picture:
Department of Architecture Archive, ÚSTARCH SAV