Strečno, Zvonica Hill
Ladislav Beisetzer, Ladislav Snopek

A prominent regular hill called the Belfry (Zvonica) near Strecno became a site for the new memorial as a homage to the French partisan group that struggled in the Slovak National Uprising. It was built to the winning design by L. Beisetzer and a sculptor L. Snopek. The memorial consists of a modest height pylon located on an elevated platform rimmed by a low wall. Located below are the tombs of the fallen. Etched in the lower part of the travertine pylon are realistic reliefs depicting the partisan theme and inscriptions with the names of the fallen French and Slovak partisans. Contemporary critics who cherished monumentality reproached the designer for a missed opportunity to make the pylon higher. More modest size, however, is much more appropriate in today's understanding of human respect and piety.

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Source of picture: 
Archive of Matúš Dulla