Sad Andreja Kmeťa 78, Piešťany
Fridrich Weinwurm, Ignác Vécsei

The simple four-storey residential building – house of F. H. Feldman – sits on the bank of river Váh and along with other similar villas in the neighbourhood it contributes to the unique complex of modern spa architecture. The three-wing layout is based on irregular U-shape. Respective one to three-bed units providing lodging for spa visitors are accessed from centrally placed utilitarian corridor. Common bathrooms are located near a simple, double-flight staircase. The outer looks of this boarding house (because that is the closest to what this object really served as) is quite moderate and reflects main attributes of Weinwurm's work. Rectangles of conventional, vertical windows and balcony doors are carved into smooth planes of the face of the building. Window openings are joined into pairs and triplets. Facade facing the river has two levels of no-frills balconies, resting on rectangular columns. A third balcony has been placed above the two, spanning the whole width of the facade. 

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Source of pictures:
Forum, 1931
Ground plan:
Faculty of Architecture Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava