Nad Dunajom 36, Bratislava
Fridrich Weinwurm, Ignác Vécsei

Built for senator Tomanek, the architects Weinwurm and Vecsei designed the villa from the idea of a terrace residence they already employed earlier in their villa Vero in Nitra. This upscale mansion is one of the first examples of purist modern in Slovakia. The three-storey building has a terrace on each floor. It spans the whole width of the building at the ground level, while on the second floor there is a pair of spacious loggias. At the top floor, a large terrace oriented towards the Danube river takes up half of the footprint. Independent staircases provide vertical links between the floors, located in context with the division of the layout. Even this contributes to the open and unique concept of the floorplan. This work is characteristic for its calm, symmetrical and clean-cut shapes. The house represents one of the best examples documenting the lifestyle transformation of the era. Shortly after its completion it was included in a book published in the Netherlands, dedicated to modern villas of Europe and Americas. The building was renovated with minor adjustments in the 1990s, the project by B. Kraus. 

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Ground plan: 
Department of Architecture Archive, ÚSTARCH SAV