Kmeťkova 22, Nitra
Oskar Singer

Oskar Singer, an architect active in Nitra, brought to the city novel architectural impulses thanks to his professional contacts (he was a member of art association Kunstverein in Bratislava) as well as his know-how (he published in the journal Forum). The villa, an upscale residence that stood on today's Kmetkova Street, appeared in 1938 in the Forum journal in an article which dealt with building in a 'countryside' ("Über das Bauen in Provinz"). Although it was later criticized by L. Foltyn, then his colleague and co-author of the article, for using conventional Corbusier's free-standing columns in part of the floor plan, plus he unduly denounced the curved shapes as being "neo-baroque", it remains to be a remarkable building of the period. Open ground floor was filled in as soon as 1937. 

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Source of picture: 
Forum, 1938